It's French... bitch. (vengeant) wrote,
It's French... bitch.

The World's Biggest Magic Lamp

Dear LJ Genie:

I'm looking for a recipe for lasagna; specifically, a good lasagna recipe with bacon. Preferably, with multiple meats, but bacon has to be one of them. (Mmmmmmm, bacon and 5-other-meat lasagna...) Anyone out there heard of anything like this?

Also, on a completely different note, I'm debating what my plans for Valentine's Day should be, with respect to work. There are a bunch of single girls at my work who are starting to "think about" (read: fret and dread and worry about) Valentines Day, and I'm feeling the urge to do something or plan something. In the past (specifically, my early junior college days) I've given small boxes of chocolates to my female friends (on the advice of a Lothario co-worker at the Library) but I'm wondering if that'd be a good idea here, since so damn many of my co-workers whine about how fat they are. (fyi, they're not) Plus, since I have at least one co-worker who has a reputation for eating other people's food, gifts of chocolate might lead to "unpleasantness". I was also thinking of organizing a cheap-and-cheesy-but-fun "Valentine exchange" just like we used to do in elementary school. I'd get a group of co-workers together, and we'd give each other some of those cheap valentines you can buy in supermarkets. Thoughts?
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